Salmon in Hokkaido, JAPAN.
Salmon going up in a river of Shibetsu.

A salmon going up in a Churui River of Shibetsu, Hokkaido, Japan.

A salmon is born in a river, a fry of salmon goes down a river in spring.
A salmon grows up in the sea for four years, and a salmon goes up in the river where a salmon was born, for laying eggs and for fertilization in autumn.
A salmon finishes a trip of 10000 several thousand km or more.

Please appreciate a salmon of big fish body going up in a river, a photograph of a salmon prepared of laying eggs please.

Going up of a salmon.

Going up of a salmon

The salmon which grew up in the sea returns to the river where a salmon was born in autumn.

Salmon of male of marriage color.

A salmon of male of marriage color

Fish body shined with gold, and a red stripe of marriage color / courtship stood out.
A salmon of male which rose in such a shallow river.


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