Lake Akan, Lake Mashu, Lake Kussharo, Hokkaido.

Lake Mashu.

Lake Mashu

Lake Akan is famous for an aegagropila.
Lake Mashu is known as the lake where transparency is good for.
Want to visit in Lake Mashu of mist. The mysterious lake where a color changes of water .....

O-n-ne-to, Akan Fuji.

Akan Fuji

If there is not wind, female Mt. Akan,
Akan Fuji should be reflected in cobalt blue lake surface.
It is a mysterious lake surrounded by a virgin forest.

Bihoro mountain pass.

Kussharo lake

Kussharo-lake which was looked at from Bihoro mountain pass.

Sulfur mountain.

Sulfur mountain

Sulfur mountain of an active volcano.


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