The Pinhole camera

I at the time of the fourth grade of an elementary school.
I learned a thing of needle hole camera = pinhole camera by a class. Want to try to make it with oneself.

Make two boxes of rectangle with a cardboard, and let the inner box which put in a cabinet slide simply.
But it was difficult for there seemed to be not a gap and to make an interval of a cabinet and a box for a primary schoolchild.
Somehow the box that the inside was painted black is completed and opens a hole with a needle to a point of a cabinet and is focus glass of a point of an inner box?
I make a finder with semitransparent cellophane and am completed no.

I let a box slide while looking in a finder, and impression when an image of reverse looked like a finder of cellophane isn't forgot now either. Because a foot was a little inconvenient for infantile paralysis as for me, I cannot play with a friend on the run, and this was a toy of that time.

I put film in this pinhole camera and wanted to try to come to take a photograph really, and grade uped with a camera.
At first I turned a body made with paper into a board and and changed needle loss on a lens of a loupe. Turned a finder into pickpocket glass, and grade uped.
Of course it is applied during a thing of a box by black. I followed a hand-made shutter before a lens.

I had a photo studio of a town cut film of 60*60mm in a darkroom. I enter a closet of darkroom substitute after coming back at home and I am going to hit focus side and load it with film.
It is the feeling that anything wants to be taken early.

Because I am a shutter moved by hand, I don't come out by day. But it was said that I "took a photograph" and was troubled with friends.
Under the origin of light of an electric bulb, I fixed it closely and stopped breath and moved a shutter of top and bottom operation quickly and took bookends on a desk and a flower of a rose.
I will hold film in a photo studio, and an out focus and exposure are exaggerated, and a result of developing is failed in.

I did several times such failure many times.

An advise to be nice from a photo studio.I was told that I "was good when made crepe".
It cut black paper of the bag which photographic paper entered in a circle and made crepe. Put film and tried to take it, but crepe is failure by bright excess and to crop out big.

I seemed to become small and remade crepe and filmed it and asked for the developing.
While I did it in this way and went to a photo studio many times, I accorded and get possible to watch a result of developing.

An uncle of a store doesn't readily come out of a darkroom today.....I waited for a while.
Smile said, and handed "came out properly next time" while laughing a negative and one piece of photograph.....It is success.
Emotion, emotion, it is moved much then! (because I am a child)

The photograph is this. Then it is the opening that I had a hobby of a photograph.

As for this photograph, a character and an outline became more indistinct when filmed it.
Was better, but time passes and is old.

I take natural beautiful splendor currently.

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