Salmon in Hokkaido, JAPAN
The preparations that a salmon is
fertilization for laying eggs.

A salmon of the female which digs the bottom of
a river with the tail and fins.

Laying eggs of a salmon

A salmon of a female digging laying eggs bed in the bottom of a river.
One female, and 2 males of a salmon.
Two male fellows fight, a male of a salmon bites other males,
and a male to win a fight can leave a female and a descendant.

Laying eggs preparations of a salmon.

Spawn of a salmon

There are two males.....
A salmon of male of the right side doesn't let a female approach it with other males.

A salmon of male bit.

A fight of a salmon

A male of a salmon risks life in order to leave a descendant.
The salmon which other males were bit, and fought.
When both a female and a male are fertilization, a salmon has died.
And a fry of a salmon to the sea in spring .....
A trip of 10000 several thousand km or more .....

A male of a salmon lets fish body of a female vibrate,
and the female was done promotion of to lay eggs.
I aimed at the moment when the spawn and a spermatozoon were hanged,
but we cannot stay in a typhoon and are disappointed!


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