A deer of Shiretoko peninsula in Hokkaido.

A deer group.

A deer group

In Shiretoko peninsula, there is much nature.
Encountered a deer group of 7-10 males / females. There is child deer too.

Child deer of flower field.

Child deer of flower field

The child deer which runs in flower field of wild Margaret.

A deer of Margaret field.

A deer

A deer of Margaret field.

A deer of a hill of Margaret.

Parent and child of a deer

Parent and child of a deer.

A deer is crossing a road.

Crossing of a deer

The evening, a deer group began to cross a road.
I have looked at a road-mark of "Attention to deer jumping out",
but it was the first time that actually, I saw a deer crossing a road.
It was the scenery that seemed to be Hokkaido really.


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