Life and habits photograph of a Lagopus mutus

An opening of 1st, Eat bait, Nuptial coloration, red crest of male, make the sphere of influence, a watch

An opening of 1st of a Lagopus mutus...

A Lagopus mutus to go to to take bait

Time when the sky of the east begins to dawn,
1st of a Lagopus mutus begin, and Lagopus mutus go to look for bait.

A pure white feather of a Lagopus mutus passes the spring equinox,
and a feather turns molting into blackish brown from a head / neck /
chest as the daylight hours become long.
The abdomen / a foot / a wing is whole year, a white feather,
and an eye / a beak / a nail / a tail feather is black whole year.

Lagopus mutus which eats bait

Make the sphere of influence

Dig an alpine plant from the snowy inside and eat it
and eat a bud of the alpine plant which appeared in upon the snow.
Lagopus mutus moves slowly,
and eats and demands bait from the other places sometimes and flies.

They will make "one's territory" when they become the end of March.
In the sphere of influence that male will make, a turn lives.
Lagopus mutus does breeding and all of life in the sphere of influence.
(Make a nest, Copulation, Laying eggs, Incubation, Bring up a young bird, Eat, Rest)

A Lagopus mutus of high rank ranking can have breeding
and the sphere of influence to have on of life in good environment.

A strong Lagopus mutus will secure the better sphere of influence.

A feather of male of the breeding season / nuptial coloration.

A red crest of male of Lagopus mutus

A Lagopus mutus makes territory from about the end of March,
and a male does preparations to have a female.
Pair in territory is decided in the beginning of May from the end of April,
and pair life continues until about the beginning of July.

Because there is a spot of small brown light brown spots of wave design
to a black ground as for the feather of male to have a female in the breeding season,
the whole is blackish brown and can see it.
The white feather which is not replaced yet is mixed,
but nuptial coloration will disappear when territory dissolves.

A red crest of male

A cinnabar red crest of male is skin.
When sexual feeling expands it in excitement,
it becomes height of 10mm by length of 20mm.
The upper part of a crest becomes notched by a state of a saw blade.
The crest of male which was not able to have territory was poor.

A male to watch for caution


As for the male that pair was formed with territory,
a male does caution of a watch on top and Pinus pumila
of rock in order to prevent an invasion of other males.
When it is the breeding season, frequency of a watch increases.


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