Lagopus mutus

The pair formation... Found a male of invasion and flew... A chase... To an aerial dogfight... A female and junction...

Found a male of invasion and flew and left!

Fly and leave

A male of pair found the male which invaded territory,
and the male of pair went to send it away.

The male which went to send away an invasion male lands
and grows a neck for a threat
and opens a red crest and tail feather.
An invasion male escapes by a threat usually, but .....

Chase an invasion male

To outside of territory

A male to have territory fights for the invasion male
which does not go out of territory in spite of threat.
And a male to have territory chases a male of invasion stubbornly till a male
of invasion goes out of territory.

It is same as the time making territory to send away a male of invasion.

To an aerial dogfight

An aerial dogfight

It becomes an aerial dogfight occasionally.
Because they did not abandon will to invade territory,
the male and the male became an aerial dogfight.
The aerial dogfight of this day continued till an invasion
male abandoned will to invade.

A male to come back

Lagopus mutus which flies

The male of pair won a fight,
and the male of pair came back to the place of a female.
Even if a female moves during fights,
a male of a pair lands near a female precisely, and a male joins a female.


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