Lagopus mutus

Breeding season, Courtship, Display, Bait to pick, Rest.

A display of courtship

courtship display of a Lagopus mutus

It is a display of courtship to a female.
A male raises a tail feather like a peacock and opens it and does a pose of courtship.

When a male approached a female, a male does a courtship display.

A male widens a tail feather in a sector greatly, and, as for the male,
a male approaches a female while sounding a throat by a low tone.
A red crest of male opens full in excitement already.

Move of courtship

A display of a Lagopus mutus

A courtship display

A fight between males and courtship to a female increase
in the breeding season, too.
While a male hangs a head and lengthens a neck forward,
and a wing of male touches the ground,
a male approaches a female and makes advances.

Snuggle up pair

snuggle up pair

The pair was close together after courtship.
In about the beginning of May, pair in territory constitutes it,
and pair life of one male and one female begins.
A pair seems to be same as a couple of the last year.

Lagopus mutus of rest

Lagopus mutus of a pair

A pair repeats appetite and rest in a shade of Pinus pumila in territory.
A Lagopus mutus eats bait and walks and repeats itself,
and a Lagopus mutus does long rest in a shade of Pinus pumila.
A Lagopus mutus eats bait again and walks and repeats itself.
During rest, a snow grouse did care of a feather and dozed
and waked up suddenly and slept again.

A Lagopus mutus of a pair makes a roost in territory,
but does not make it in the same places every day.
The place making a roost is the place where a prospect forward is good
for to be easy to sense a natural enemy on the ground.
And it is the place where the upper part and the rear were covered with Pinus pumila
and rock in order to prevent empty natural enemy and rain.


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