Lagopus mutus

copulation, mating, A nest, laying eggs, An egg of a Lagopus mutus.

Copulation, Nest building, Laying eggs

a female of a Lagopus mutus

a female

There is not a big crest as a male to a female.
As for the crest of a female, the upper part of an eye is slightly red.

Copulation is done in territory in the beginning of June.

A Lagopus mutus makes a nest with a twig and fallen leaves under Pinus pumila.
A diameter of a nest is around 150mm, and depth of a nest is around 80mm.
A Lagopus mutus makes a nest with fallen leaves for laying eggs and sits down.
Laying eggs of a Lagopus mutus takes a few days and lays eggs.
Because laying eggs of a female is cautious, it is difficult to find a nest in laying eggs.

An egg of a Lagopus mutus

An egg of a Lagopus mutus...

Size of egg : A longer axis is 42-50mm. A minor axis is 29-34mm.
Color of egg : Cream includes a blackish brown point a color of an eggshell.
Number of laying eggs : 5 or 7 lay eggs. The number of laying eggs is an average of 6.
Weight of an egg : = Average is 22.8g
Birth of a young bird from an egg : A female lays the last egg in the beginning of July,
and it hatches between 20 or 23 days.

The egg which a female holds.
The period when a female brings up a young bird.
A male is a position of a watch.

A position of a watch

A female holds an egg in the middle of June,
and a male is the part of watch on Pinus pumila.

A female does hug of an egg immediately that a female finishes laying
the last egg and warms it.
In the beginning of July, a female lays a last egg,
and it hatches from 20 in 23 days.
A young bird just after hatching is around 18g.

While a female sits on an egg, a male does not approach a female,
and it is role of watch in watch ground which the territory whole area can see.
A male is cautious of an invasion male and defends territory.

Spot light of morning sun

Spot light of morning sun

A break of the leisure that a Lagopus mutus eats bait and walks.
It is a spot of the morning sun in a Lagopus mutus of break.


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